Data Management - Data is the new Gold!
Digitalization provides access to large quantities of highly detailed data, which today is seen as “the new gold”. The value lies in its scope for analyzing data and ensuring a better decision-making basis. However, large quantities of data also involve big challenges: How should we obtain, store, make accessible, use, structure and secure our data in the best possible way? Data Management is all about how you can best exploit the full potential of your digital gold.

Interest in Data Management is increasing as more and more companies get under way with advanced Business Intelligence operations, such as Self-Service BI and predictive analysis with Data Science/Machine Learning. This in turn has resulted in an increased need for data from multiple sources – and a need to ensure that the right data, of maximum quality and the right level of detail, is used in these analyses.

The most common problems are that data is divided into several different source systems, and that they do not communicate properly with each other. The traditional solution has been to build a data warehouse based on a server in a server room, and to subsequently fetch, convert and store data from these data sources in the data warehouse. The relevant data is then available for reports and analyses from that location.

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