Business Intelligence - Descriptive Statistics (historical events)

Microsoft's Power Business Intelligence tool allows me to extract raw data from one or several different systems, transform and load the data into different reports, dashboards or even company-specific applications! This is a "self-service" program which allows you to drill down into the details without any extra help from the IT people. Regardless if you are at the office, home or travelling, you can use your laptop, tablet or mobile phone to access and analyze the data that is important to you.

Through structured interviews and workshops with you and your team, we will be able to identify which information is important to which people as well as identifying accessibiltiy of the information.

These types of reports use information which already exists in your differenct systems/databases and are usually called Descriptive Statistics, describing what is happening and what has historically happened. It 
offers excellent scope for following up an operation’s key performance indicators for current business strategies and business models. Some examples are:

  • Sales Analyses
  • Purchasing analyses
  • Production Analyses
  • Financial Analyses
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